Sustainable Present

Gift a forest.

Plant trees for someones birthday, starting at 6$ a month. Everybody can ship in via a beautiful shareable gift page.

So what do you get?

Plant trees and fight climate change with a simple present.

Have something to show for: all planted trees grow on your customizable gift page. You can invite other friends to ship in as well. Here is an example page.

You get a beautiful card that you can print out or email as a present. No shipping required.

The tree planting happens in 8 countries around the globe.

You support Eden Reforestation Projects in Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Nepal.

They already planted over 700 million trees over the years. The program is also fighting extreme poverty locally.

75% of collected funds go to Eden Reforestation Projects and 25% are used to spread the word and get even more people to plant trees.

How does it work?


Pick a tree planting plan


Add a nice picture and headline to the gift page


Send the gift page to friends and family so they can contribute as well.

Why trees?

Trees are natural carbon capture machines. More than 400t of carbon can be captured per hectar.

Trees are only part of the solution to climate change, but an easy and effective one. Reforestation also helps with biodiversity and flood prevention.